Fuelled by a combined passion for adventure vs time, exploring the fine lines between tourism and off the beaten track. Our customers are the ones that go too far, beyond the edge of reason, to places others simply never see, unless from a sofa.


A radical material combination to recycle different metals to use as a case mould including soda cans and batteries.


If you’re looking for a brand that follows the normal mainstream of fashion we are not for you. If you know how to break free, with a relentless spirit to see the escape the norm this is for those seeking the exhilaration of creating a new way.

The Adventurer Watch BowersFashion Watches

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With an old (now) phone! This was our first prototype which we agreed to bring to market, and had no idea of the spiral which would follow. Driven by a deeply rooted passion for breaking free from what others consider the norm, we move forward leaving the comforts behind to discover awe.

The Adventurer Watch BowersFashion Watches


12 prototypes were created before we got to where we are today, overcoming six months of road blocks and some heavy decision making to make the set one variation of our most loved style

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