The journey to unknown lands has awakened the curiosity and passion of many characters throughout history. Never like today has it been so easy to set off an adventure journey to discover new worlds. But it doesn’t hurt to be cautious and listen to the advice for adventurous travelers from those who have already embarked on routes outside the usual circuit.

It is true that not all travelers are the same, the personality of each one is imposed and you could be among those who prefer to take the stay more tied or be one of those who bet on total adventure and let themselves be carried away once they set foot in it. chosen destination. In any case, as it is about living a great experience with each trip, it is convenient to put aside any prejudice for a moment and attend to some tips for adventurous travelers that will allow you to make the most of your route.


If you like to discover exotic destinations and you are taking the first steps of initiation in this «creed» (yes, once it is tried, it hooks), do not ignore this post in which you will find suggestions in which you may not have fallen.


As they are less common destinations, the requirements to be able to enjoy the stay are also less known. To have an overview, it is advisable to consult the travel recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. On its website you can get an idea of ​​everything you will need, from the documentation and necessary visas to the security conditions of the country or the main telephone numbers of interest.

3. Get vaccinated

With this information in hand, you will most likely have to start by getting vaccinated to prevent diseases that are not common in Spain. It is the main “toll” that must be paid to be adventurous travelers and return home safely. Keep in mind that you may have to do it a month or a month and a half before your departure. In the International Vaccination Centers (CVI) they will offer you all the information and advice you need.


In parallel, you must start the procedures to obtain the visa. As you have already reviewed the recommendations of the ministry, you will know if it is necessary, but experience tells us that it will be so. Don’t waste time and find out as soon as possible at the Consulate or Consular Section of the Embassy of the country or countries of destination accredited in Spain. The concession period is set by the country you visit and you could get an unpleasant surprise if you do not manage it in time.

By the way, if you plan to drive you will also need an international driving license and specific accident and civil liability insurance. Do you know how to change a tire? Do not laugh, because you would not be the first or the last to screw up a day of travel by not having practiced changing a wheel before.

5. Be safe

You may not be a friend of insurance, but your hiring for a trip should be seriously considered, including coverage of medical expenses in case of illness or accident. It is important to check that it covers all the activities that you are going to do, especially those considered risky such as diving, paragliding or trekking.

In case any eventuality arises, it is also worth taking a small medicine cabinet with painkillers and a specific drug for diarrhea and allergies. It is also advisable to add insect repellants, sun creams, a bandage, tape and a disinfectant to heal small wounds.

And to complete the first aid kit, how about attending a practical class before embarking on the trip or at least spend some time watching practical videos on the subject. You will think that it is a hassle or a waste of time, but we remind you of the saying “knowledge does not take place” and who knows if it can get you out of trouble or your knowledge helps another person.


The Travelers Registry is a good virtual tool so that in case of any incident the Spanish authorities can contact you, especially if you travel alone. In any case, it is worth noting that adventurous travelers provide family members or friends with the itinerary they are going to take and an email to contact them, such as the places where they are going to stay.


Before venturing out, look for documentation about the destination (weather, customs, activities, language …), soak up all the possible details, look for related readings, it will be an aperitif that will help you enjoy more when the time comes and even you It will take you to visit places you didn’t imagine.

It’s interesting to map out a route beforehand, but like all good adventurous travelers, you must learn to follow your hunches and deviate when you feel like it to discover that something that will have been worth the trip for.


Regardless of the money you spend on your adventure, a question that you can consult in the blog post on currency exchange, you should have a reserve for emergencies. The trips are unpredictable and it is not hidden from anyone that even the most experienced travelers can be victims of a loss or theft. This reserve you should always keep it in interior pockets or other places that are really difficult to access, because it can save you from a great upset.


Minimizing risks is one of the tips for adventurous travelers that they should turn into a mantra, especially if they travel alone and are impulsive. When you do not have previous experience or even have it, it is convenient to have some support at the destination that you can trust to know the areas to visit, the associated risks and how to act in the event of an unforeseen event.

As with the tire, we recommend that even if you smile when reading this group of last tips, do not discard them. True adventure travelers should know or at least defend themselves in:

The use of the needle and thread. If you think about it, you will be surprised at the number of situations that can be solved by knowing the art of sewing.

Swimming. You never know when to use this skill, perhaps for an emergency, but also to enjoy an aquatic experience at your destination.

And as you put these tips into practice, before you know it, it’s time to start your journey.

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