It is proven: most men, whatever their style, prefer large watches. And when it comes to choosing, they are looking for a watch that is light, easily readable, durable and reliable.

New fashion and market trends make it clear that men prefer large watches. It doesn’t matter if they have a modern, sporty or classic style, everyone is looking for a large dial for comfort and aesthetics. Adapting to this new preference


“I like big watches, but not excessively”, points out Josep Carrillo (25 years old), a hipster aesthetic publicist. It is very legible, elegant and eye-catching but in no way ostentatious. This watch size, together with such an attractive design, allows it to be worn both with a suit and with casual or completely informal clothes. The smaller sizes remind me of cadet or feminine watches ”.

“I am looking for a watch with a beautiful color aesthetic, preferably with a dark dial and a leather or stainless steel strap”, continues Josep. “I especially like the black dial, it is very fashionable and gives a very modern look to the watch.”


 “I’m always looking for big watches,” says Javier de la Vega, a 34-year-old headhunter. Javier is always committed to the practical and the most reliable. “I want to see the time, the second hand and the calendar with just a glance. The first thing I look for in a watch is functionality, although aesthetics are also important ”.

“A watch has to be seen”, affirms Javier, “not only yourself, but also others. After all, it is a fashion accessory that defines who wears it. If I have to choose a style, I choose dark sphere ”.

Raúl Santos, 46, has motorcycling in his veins and is passionate about watches and fashion. He goes for the classic and timeless style. “What I ask of a watch is that it be light, have a neat design and be easy to read.” As for large chronographs, “they are in fashion,” he says. “Those who care about dressing well like the watch to show. Personally, I like them with a leather strap, with a classic or even vintage style, but always without fanfare. They bring a lot of elegance and style ”.

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