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A good watch – although it may seem something of little importance, a wristwatch says a lot about us to the world and is an indicator of status, elegance, position, class… And it is also a good investment.

Nowadays there are those who minimize the importance of wearing a wristwatch, there are those who do not wear it for reasons such as comfort or who directly use the mobile phone (essential today) to know the time or who are content to wear something on their wrist. cheap watch because they see an unnecessary expense to buy a quality watch when, depending on the purchasing power, owning one or more premium watches is an investment that goes much further than knowing the time.

It is an investment in oneself first of all, wearing a luxury watch on the wrist gives us self-confidence, raising the wrist and seeing a work of art and engineering in it is something extremely pleasant.

A good watch also draws the attention of the people with whom we interact and is an indicator of the care we put into details, that we appreciate quality and that we do not settle for just anything.

There are many reasons for having a good wristwatch, and they go far beyond simply measuring time.

Here I am going to give you a few reasons why I think it is essential to wear a good wristwatch and why if you still do not use it, you should start doing it today.

-For comfort

Before mobile phones existed, it was normal to wear a watch on the wrist to know the time, with the appearance of these and their evolution until they became minicomputers that also give us the time that allow us to carry our agenda, calendar and millions of more utilities for many people the use of a wristwatch has become unnecessary and it seems so until you have to take out the phone a few dozen times a day to look at the time on its screen when with a simple gesture of the wrist you can know the exact time at that moment.

-By style

Men have always used a small number of accessories as a rule, in the past it was a matter of practicality because for usually manual work, war or simply traveling alone, wearing rings, necklaces and other ornaments could become dangerous for your safety.

Nowadays, although many more accessories can be used depending on the taste of each one, a good quality and well-designed watch is the perfect element to show taste and style, without having to go overloaded with rings, chains, earrings and other things that are not. Let’s fool ourselves, they are not for all situations, work environments, and they are not for everyone.

-Provides and transmits security and formality

Time has always been a crucial factor in our lives, and it is something with immense value, in fact there is a very old saying that says “time is money” and it is a finite good that we cannot waste.

This is why carrying an item of value dedicated solely and exclusively to measuring and managing our time transmits the signal that we are responsible and highly organized in our lives.

The people with whom we interact will notice our interest in having the time well calculated and measured, which generates confidence and security in us.

-It is a status indicator

A man who wants to be successful in life, work and relationships must always take care of his personal appearance, cleanliness, presence and wardrobe must be taken care of to convey the best image of ourselves to others and there a good role plays a very important role. watch.

Although we may come to think that a luxury watch is a waste of money, nothing is further from the truth. A good watch on our wrist will indicate to our environment that they are facing a successful person who gives importance to details and that we place a lot of value on money and ourselves by spending a significant amount of money on a precision machine to measure time. and that we wear on our wrist. This creates for others an image of us as strong, hardworking and capable people, they will not see someone ordinary but someone who has something more.

– A good watch changes your relationship with time

Wearing a good wristwatch not only helps you look your best and complement your outfit, it also creates a feeling for time.

A valuable watch makes you more aware of the time and time you have in a day, therefore you will be more aware of your schedules and you will become a more organized man.

Just wearing a watch on your wrist does not mean that you will arrive everywhere early and that your time will be more productive, but if it will help you to be more attentive to the time, the relationship that it has with your activities daily, you will be able to calculate how much time you have to do each thing much easier and the need to know the value of time will always be present in your mind. Also, looking at the time on a valuable watch reminds you every time you check how much value each minute is.

-Show your personality

There are countless watches, of all types, colors, shapes, sizes, there are classic, modern, sports, digital, analog, wind-up, automatic with battery, solar energy, etc., and each of these was manufactured with certain special characteristics that make it unique. Thanks to this wide variety we can find the one that seems made expressly for us.

When we choose a watch, we are not only buying a little machine to measure time, we are choosing an extension of our personality, our work and our social environment.

Our profession is usually reflected in the watch we wear.

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