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“I want to explore the world properly, to be able to write about and take pictures of all kinds of different cultures. Just be an explorer…”
Cara Delevingne

The Explorer: To want to go beyond, travel and find unexpected places, to explore and investigate by embarking on challenging moments – being an Explorer is inside us, the identity and success of which established mankind. The human being naturally carries instinct of innate curiosity, since driven by the motivation and interest of discovering something spectacular, it can be called an achievement – to explore and discover places where others have not or are unable to experience. Adrenaline is often triggered when the location of travel is undiscovered, endorphins together with adrenaline is what makes the explorer venture off the beaten track, and is often rewarded with memories which last forever.

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Free Shipping One Year Warranty Sapphire Glass Gift Box & Packaging Brushed Metal Finish (Matt)
Full Grain Strap Matt Finish 5ATM Water Resistance Battery Security Tag Eco & Health Materials


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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 8 cm

34 reviews for The Explorer

  1. Christiam McGregor

    This watch is so sexy in real life

  2. Richard Kazakov

    Oh my God! it’s the coolest thing i have

  3. Stephane Kurek

    It makes me feel original in front of my friends

  4. Socratis

    I love it and I want white too

  5. Gaz Lanuzo

    My family and my friends ask where I bought it, they are delighted

  6. Johan

    It’s great, congratulations

  7. Yousef Vourkas

    I want the whole collection

  8. Christos Banai

    It is the best accessory I have

  9. Ratree

    Congratulations to this company!

  10. Debbie Clementi

    the work they did when designing is great, I love them all

  11. Jair Atanas

    I like this one a lot, it makes me look like an interesting man

  12. Matthew Stewart

    Some women say they liked my watch, that I look much more interesting

  13. Sean

    is the best in watches

  14. Roed Hines

    is very different from others

  15. Josue

    they are very original and different, I like them

  16. Zoe Rim

    that color is one of my favorites

  17. Rave Perkins

    they look very manly

  18. Bilal Dudley

    I am very happy with my watch and I am sure that many men would like to have one of these

  19. Guil Ikram

    I really love it very much!

  20. Paarth Miles

    It’s for men like me, I like having adventures

  21. Jae Phil

    they are unusual watches, I like that, they are not like the others, congratulations

  22. Fio Weiland

    I have this watch and I’m sure I’m going to buy one of these as a gift for my father

  23. Sigud Jordan

    OMG !!

  24. Alan Filyng

    I’m fascinated and I can’t stop seeing others

  25. David Mejia

    I love the product and I love the box where it comes from

  26. Henry Turner

    Buy the watch and buy the brasalette is a perfect set

  27. Nian

    I fell in love with these watches, I’m a lover of them

  28. Chris Holt

    before buying I saw the comments so good and decided to buy one and I am really shocked they are really beautiful

  29. Sean Shareef

    I feel super cool with my watch

  30. Bob Williams

    It looks perfect on my hand, I love it!

  31. Stepfan Garber

    What a great watch company

  32. Scott

    I just bought another one, that makes me excited !!

  33. Darren Stewart

    My favorites are white, red and east

  34. Michael Esson

    It is good to see good comments about this product, I will order mine!

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